Taking a different path: Full-stack Developer story

/Sola Ogunniran

I gained backend development knowledge by participating in the Findworka Training program.

It was an exciting time to learn. It gave me the opportunity to benefit from the vast knowledge and skill set of industry experts while learning from them. The normal fast-paced environment of software development presents you with the task of coming up with effective answers to complex problems.

We first encountered this encounter when taking part in a program that required us to produce items over the course of two-week iterations. Everyone on the product team truly began to develop as a result of the tenacity needed to survive as a software engineer tending to customer needs. I collaborated with a number of important facilitators, including Francis Sunday and Kati Frantz.

Another important conclusion to notice is that the program's main emphasis was its soft skills training sessions. Perhaps it takes working with other engineers or members of the product team who may not have mastered those skills for you to really understand how important the skills that were driven into you throughout those sessions. I pursued a career as a full-stack engineer and product manager after finishing college. Over the course of almost 4 years, I've worked in a range of product and software teams, creating, managing, and scaling more than 20 small to large-scale corporate products.