Taking a different path: Front-end Engineer story

/Temilayo Subair

I joined Findworka to take the frontend development course. My fascination with creating attractive UI interfaces and layouts and watching them come to life on web sites led to my interest in front-end development. I didn’t like Backend development. I think Kati Frantz was a superb teacher who made learning interesting, practical, lasting, and memorable because I still use and practice some of his advice today.

My technological path was made simple and easy through Findworka Academy. Before enrolling, I was in what I can only refer to as "a tutorial hell," attending one tutorial after another and receiving instruction from different teachers without ever succeeding or moving forward. Prior to enrolling in the Findworka academy, I had a problem with project construction. It seemed as though I had finally found the final component to my tech puzzle.

I returned to school after I received my diploma from Findworka Academy to finish my studies and to continue putting what I had learned there into practice. I've worked with three businesses so far. I worked on numerous projects with Federal government agencies as a front-end engineer at Foresight Group, interned as a data scientist at IPMC Limited, and am currently employed as a front-end engineer at Grey Finance (Aboki Africa). I frequently brag to my friends and coworkers about how Findworka Academy has changed my life since I am aware that being where I am now could not have been feasible if I hadn't applied to and been accepted into Findworka Academy.